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#2016: Longines Caliber 19.73/19.73N Chronograph - Operating Lever Coupling Spring. See photographs.

Date: February 12, 2017
Complete Description: This part appears to act as a coupling between the pusher in the center of the crown, and the chronograph operating lever. It is not fitted to every caliber 19.73 movement.

Caliber 19.73 was manufactured for 15 or 20 years starting about 1898. While the basic caliber remained the same, there were variations over the years.

Unable to find either a Longines factory part number or an official part description.

Longines Caliber 19.73

Side View showing broken spring.

Longines Caliber 19.73

Top view of another movement showing the complete spring.

Longines Caliber 19.73

MMagnified portion of the image above.

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