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#2039: Angelus Chronodato Calibre 217 - Date Jumper, Angelus Part Number 1987. See Photographs.

Date: May 13, 2017
Complete Description: Hello, I am looking for a Angelus Chronodato calibre 217 part number 1987, a part that goes under the dial and serves to "jump" the date disc, I am the same person looking for a Longines 13ZN coupling clutch mounted, having received many answers I have not have any luck with that one, my shipping address is in USA zip code 77070, thank you everybody for such an excellent help group!

The Angelus Factory parts list describes this as part number 1987. The Swiss Ebauche part number is 2577. In the U.S., most material dealers would have this part listed as Bestfit X/87. (Ed.)

Angelus Caliber 217 Chronograph, showing date jumper.
The blue arrow is pointing to the date jumper.

Angelus Caliber 271 Date Jumper, Angelus Part Number 1987 - Bestfit X/87

This is an image of the part copied from the Angelus parts list.

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