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#2054: Hamilton Powell Grade 730 - Genuine Original Style Crown. See photographs.

Date: September 28, 2017
Complete Description: I am looking for the correct crown for my Hamilton Powell. The crown on my Hamilton Powell is an unsigned replacement.

The correct Hamilton Powell will be signed and able to fit into the resess in the case. It will be yellow and tap 10 threaded as well as dust proof.

The correct Hamilton crown will also be dome-shaped as opposed the the crown on my watch which has a squared off profile.

Thank you for looking at my request.

Existing crown is 4.0 mm. ed.

Hamilton Powell Gent's Wristwatch

Hamilton Powell Gent's Wristwatch

Hamilton Powell Gent's Wristwatch

Three images (above) showing existing crown.

Hamilton Powell Gent's Wristwatch

This is an image of the original style crown.

For the viewer: If you are able to furnish this part, simply send an e-mail to the address above and make arrangements for delivery and payment. The purpose of this site is to bring people together, beyond that everyone is on their own.

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