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Vacheron & Constantin Watch Serial Number List

serial number year serial number year
50,000 1850 398,000 1925
180,000 1890 405,000 1930
217,000 1895 427,000 1935
255,000 1900 450,000 1940
287,000 1905 475,000 1945
330,000 1910 500,000 1950
360,000 1915 525,000 1955
390,000 1920 550,000 1960

These are approximate production dates. Accurate annual number lists for Swiss watches are often not available. Some of the dates in this list are interpolated for years for which there may be no accurate list.

Ccwatchmaker has no affiliation with Vacheron & Constatin.

Below are photographs of a recently serviced, by Nevada Watch Repair, V+C ladies pendant watch circa 1910. The very small (approximately 25mm {1"} diameter) hunting style case is 18K yellow gold with red guilloche enamel decoration. The case front is set with several small diamonds. Both the case front and back are circled with bead set seed pearls. The watch movement is pendant wind and set. It is fitted with a cylinder escapement.

Vacheron & Constantin Ladies Pendant Watch, front

Vacheron & Constantin Ladies Pendant Watch, back

Vacheron & Constantin Ladies Pendant Watch, dial